Reviews for "Get Ready To Dance {durn}"


I don't what you need but its some kind of reward.

durn responds:

I'll take one o' them King-sized Kupcakes you've got! :D

Great Song.

You're probably one of my favorite audio artist you have very good style.

durn responds:

Thanks Shock! :) Happy to keep you entertained! :D

Oh yea.... ^^

I feel COOL when I hear this music, thank u for working hard by making this cool music....

Keep it up!!! :D

durn responds:

Haha, nice man. :D Thanks for the appreciation!

Hell yeah

Now that right there is an epic jam dude.I can picture a party goin on as I'm listening in.And to top it off it loops damn near perfectly!Keep it up man.The audio portal needs you!

durn responds:

Aye, I do love loopin' my tracks. Makes people listen a few times before they realize what's happening. ;) Thanks for the love, dude. :)

bad description

I like the song, more or less, but it really didn't make me want to get up and move.
Almost any song does that.
Great happy tune, but not much of a get up and dance tune.

durn responds:

The vocal sample says "Get Ready To Dance", hence the title! How can you not feel like dancin' when that arp'd craziness kicks in?!? Get off your ass and boogy! ;) Thanks for the honest review, Uuulibo!