Reviews for "Get Ready To Dance {durn}"

i like it

it's a very good song, very quite for me to make me dace lol XD

awesome work as always, keep it coming =D !

durn responds:

:D Will do, templario! Glad it makes ya wanna move! :)


Makes me dance a bit, the best thing to smooth-funky-dance, great tune, but just your snares are little missing, hi-hats and the drums are ok. Anyways, this is a cool song, 9.8/10, 5/5, nice trying for dance.

durn responds:

I went for claps this time around, and you're right. I shoulda layered a few more to give it more of a group-clap kinda sound. :) Thanks for the feedback, Kaavin.

Again and Again....

Your tunes are still the best around man! Dont get me wrong i like this one a lot but i a just didnt get that into it as your other ones. Still a beast pieace and when you make more i'll still be here listining to them.

durn responds:

Haha, thanks link. Maybe the next one'll do ya better. :)

This track is so durn! :D

An amazing track, real funky!

durn responds:

I had a feeling you'd like this one, Soldorado. :) You always seem to like the ones that have a bit of dark energy to them.

Thanks for the love, dude. :)

Superb. (^_^)

This is an epic tune!

durn responds:

Danka doom! :)