Reviews for "Gateway"


This game was VERY well done... Even my mom and sis loved it! I managed to complete it in one shot, but was nearly driven mad by the mind-boggling puzzles... Very original, very good.


Lovely mind game. The puzzles were fun, and the window was creepy. The man sleeps, move away, go back, he's staring at you, move away, and well... You'll see. Loved every moment, the TV was genius, cause I like to watch T.V. And to the guy below me. Why ruin the fun of thinking? Let people get the time to think and observe.

tis amazing!!!! crunktastic

tis 1 of the best pieces of puzzles in history. the password door thing had me baffeld. but i maneged to be a peeping tom enough to get trough!

I loved it!

Great game. It was challenging and fun. It was a little too short though. But good job!

like neverhood:-)

If you don't make 2nd part, I will hunt you down.Besides that great game.