Reviews for "Gateway"

Bloody Brilliant!!!

You Sir, Have blinded me with this wonderful piece of art!
This Interactive Flash Game is very fun and clever in it's own special ways.
The Graphics are Smooth and beautiful, I really enjoyed this Game.
I am keeping my fingers crossed, and my hopes up, that maybe one day, you sir, Will make another version of this game. Thank you, for keeping my day bright and happy with a smile.
I Will be adding this as number one on my favorites list, and you will be getting a Five from me. Good Job Mate!!! = ]

Nice game, im still stuck on the plank one....

Wow!!!Bloody Hell! Great game!! I give you a 10/10, a 5/5, and a 100/100!!!! But, can you make this game online and make it to where you can customize and make up your own robot, that would be AWESOME!!!!! Anyways, can you help me on the plank room? I got stuck trying to get the second one down, but couldn't figure it out. I got both doors open in the room, but just couldn't get the point of it. Oh, and those of you that are stuck on the PEEPER window thing with the telescope, the code is... 739339, or 933937,which looks like P33P3R on the window, or PEEPER.... Just please, someone help me!!! Nice job on this game though.....Make an online sequel to it!


That was great! I'm not done just yet, but it's really addictive! Nice game. Rock on.


OMG that light thing took me about 15 mins to solve lol, why?!? must you leave it on such a climax!!! i want to know where the robot is off to, where the elevator leads. i want sequel!!! or i will beat you to death with a spoon >:(


Pretty cool, the guy in the microsscope freeked me out lol
I love this kind of puzzel games, please make a Gateway III :)))