Reviews for "Gateway"


Great puzzles, except I didn't care for the last one that much. It was kind of abstract and the solution was just annoying to figure out. Other than that I don't think any of them were to impossible to figure out as long as you take a second to think. Overall a great game though, I'd definantly like to see a sequel.

Me encanta la juega.

Loved the game. Great look. Non violent yet still creepy enough. The puzzles were great. I hope you come out with a sequel. Maybe some more difficult puzzles too! They were challenging, yet solvable- a great introduction. Peeper creeped me out a lil bit. Fantastic.

Extremely well done.

to previous review: the answers will come with some patience and some innovation.


Quite innovative and fun, but some of the puzzles were beyond solvable by some people (like me).

1)Ok, so the password's P33P3R. There aren't any letters on the keypad. Assuming the user knows 1337, then that's... uhh.. 933932? What kind of 1337-geek do you have to be to figure out how to enter the real code? May as well have written it in Spanish.

2)I don't understand how to get a code from the television. I assumed it was the channel numbers that the robot walks on (in order), or the camera numbers, but neither worked.

3) The final challenge makes no sense. Am I supposed to wander around arbitrarily until the secret sequence of colours opens the door in a week?

Basically, the game's awesome in lots of ways (I even had my doupts at first) but some puzzles were more than "difficult" - they were impossible, depending on who's playing. (The TV was awesome looking too, and both the TV and telescope were great concepts which made the thing more real)

SO... COOL.... MUST... PLAY... MORE...

It was very cool and a little chalenging (last level) but PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER ONE AND MAKE IT LONGER!!!

That was cool

I liked taht game. It was really hard, and i could not figure out the level with the walk bords that you have to push down. liked that robat dude too. He was cool! keep making puzzling games like that! =)