Reviews for "Gateway"

I thought...

I thought that the hardest was the TV room, the lightbulb room was easy. But good job.


great animation wise but humor u know to step it up

Excellent Game!

Not too hard and not too easy. The sound is spooky and works with the concept of a strange set of tasks in a small room.

For the lightbulbs (Hint): It is important to count everything you do.


im stuck in the light bulb room. sombody help me.

good puzzle game

it was a pretty good puzzle game and the puzzles were good, not to hard, and not to easy, for me anyway. I like the idea of going from puzzle to puzzle with the gateways, and how the gateways were used. I wish it wouldve been longer, alot longer, make a gateway 2 and put more puzzles!!! keep it up.