Reviews for "Gateway"


Wow, this is one of the games that make you say "Wow". Really good work. Hardly ever had such a game that raised my ego that much. XD The last level made me yell "GOD I'M SUCH A FLIPPIN GENIUS" on MSN to some person. Love the style and the atmosphere, though I DID fear that some scary face along with an awful sound would jump up to scare the poop outta me. Thank god it didn't. XD

Wouldn't be surprised to see this at the "History of the Portal" any time soon. :)

the light... the light...

i cannot for the life of me get past the lightbulb part... it makes me sooooo sad...

anyway man, awesome game! Brilliant graphics, inspired sound, supremely entertaining game in general. the t.v part was so well thought out. the puzzles were challenging and... (what's that word that means you're satisfied when u accomplish something?).

great game -> wish i could give 11's. this game is currently my no.1 fav on NG.

struma responds:

I think the word you're looking for is "orgasm".


No contest fokes.If you give a submission a 5 then lets it be this one.The style is clever but not boring.The graphics are simplistic but brilliant.The music scares me slightly but still and exellent game.
The levels were mostly self explanitory but i didn't know what to after i entered the code on the T.V lvl(What to do with the lights?).
10/10 everytime.I urge you to make more.

Abosolutly Amazing Wish there were more.

Abosolutly Amazing Wish People would make more stuff like this to keep me sane. Please make more. The Puzzle were very cleaver , i liked the TV one and the last one was difficult.

Great brain teaser

So I had to really sit and think about this one, but I really enjoyed it. The TV room was kinda obvious if you put two and two together, but I have to say the lighbulb room (final room) was the best. You really have to keep an eye on what's going on to be able to figure it out.

Great job, I would like to see more submissions like this one.