Reviews for "Gateway"

i cant figure it out

i cant get pas the level with the lightbulbs and changing coloured lights on the ground


Nice word man. The room with the lights gave me some trouble but nice trick. The music got a little annoying after a while though....

awesome job!!!

this is perhaps the bast puzzle game ive ever played... its well thought out and really clever. (like the code on the window) if none of u guys cant figure that 1 out... its, 739399... and awesome job dude! keep it up...

Make it longer!

It was fun but too easy and it definitly wasn't long enough. I was just starting to enjoy the puzzles when it ended. Your puzzles were obvious in some places though, please make it harder and longer! It was tons of fun and I enjoyed it make more!

Not bad...

I liked the game. OK if your totally stumped I'll give you a hint on the ones that cause the biggest problems:

Telescope Room: Dyslesxic peeps will find this one easy.
Light Bulb Room: The light bulbs must have a short or something...