Reviews for "Gateway"

really hard after a while

ok i got to the part with the TV and i've followed the lady into bed but from there i dont know what to do. its a great game but i need some guidence like other people


Man that mom was a nutty nut nutterkins. Looks like she needed to get some sexin bad. Or um... beatin? *Twitches*


That was very creative. I liked every thing about it especially the part where you look through the telescope and the guy stares at you when you look away and then he puts PEEPER on the window if you look away again. Very very creepy. Excellent work though.

bloody good game!

LOVED THIS GAME! makes u.. and like everyone out there there I thought the whole "PEEPER/739339" was awesome, good stuff!! thanks for the game!!

terrifingly good

its was so its scary nice job