Reviews for "Gateway"

Great Game

Great game, I liked the style of the game, but wish there was some explination behind the people you watch and see, and why you are in this 'place'. Also, it would be nice if it was a little longer. But overall, it was fun to play.


Anders! man you're killing me here... more levels more levels!! lets get crackin now.

im a little stuck...

i just started playing your game and found it very fun, the telescope part was rather...weird and freaky and i was wondering how i get past the part with the light bulbs...

w00t w00t!

Holy shaz man! that was awesome but i was really startled when the gray dude was looking at you at the second look at the window lol! then when i was lookin in the T.V i thought the orange dude was gonna kill the gray one and sleep with his wife the purple or pink one! anyways nice job! thumbs up! (by the way i completed it and i have to thank Majilla for helpin me out on the last part! thank you sir! )

h o l y s h i t

wow...if you dont make more...i will die...if i die...then the water will come...and if the water comes then then world will flood...if the world floods then you and everyone else will drown...a puzzle from me to you...figure out the best option...