Reviews for "- LD - The Jungle Tribe"

Make me remember Pharaoh

It's a gestion video game. In this game you have cool musics that you could listen again and again without being bored of it; cause they were putting you in the ambiance.

Your music is just like that, I could heard it again and again without a problem ^-^


sounds like something from the total war series

Hey Breed, really awesome piece of music !
Do you mind if i use it, with proper credits, on a mobile game i'm working on ?
Thanks and keep up the great work.

Animal Flute

A young boy sits beneath an old oak tree, staring as a man blows his instrument to control the animals around him. He plays it, and they follow. He says to jump, and they jump. He says to walk, and they walk. Animals from all around hear his hypnotic tune, and trot towards his presence.

The boy watches in awe as beetles dance underneath him. Little birds fly around him. An elephant begins following, waving his head to the steady beat. Snakes slither across the ground, hissing as they pass. They disappear into the distance, and the boy falls asleep under the large tree.

(((Very nice and Arabic. I think you should have had a bit more emphasis on the chanting in the background to make it seem a bit more serious, but other than that this was a very nice background SFX. It could be used in a movie. Next time, try and develop on an idea like this and add a bit more of an epicness to it)))

Very different.

Could use some work here and there, but overall a very entertaining piece.
Metal Gear Solid much?
~Dj Sonik