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Reviews for "RamStar"


The colors of his costume kinda remind me of The Punisher.Great looking character :)

Night Wolf?

He looks a lot like Nightwolf from Mortal Kombat!

good work

LOl snakeey you are an envious racist douche bag and he doesn't even look african american unless he is suppose to be black then yea you gots a problem :P


amazing work¡¡¡ but how do you do your drawings? please tell me man¡¡

Another good one!!

Your character designs are fucking great. I especially like the fact that you don't have every freaking muscle line drawn into his costume. I hate it when comic book artist do this because I feel like there isn't a pair of spandex in this world that's so tight that you can see every piece of muscle on your body. Kudos to you and to Snakeeyes, you should follow my rule and only comment on shit that you like. If you feel like something isn't up to snuff or doesn't catch your eye, then just ignore it instead of flaming people's pages with low scores. If you think something is wrong with a pic, justify your findings with some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and quit being a fucktard.