Reviews for "Wurm of a Kind"


That is an instant classic! Well done!

what is...

what is the name of that Beethoven remix?
its amazing!

also a kick ass video dude

that was realy good!!!

i liked it all it was good graphics with the shadows & everything else aswell was gr8 i loved it u got my 5 on ere dude!!!

Superior-Babboon responds:

thnx mate, im glad ppl can apreciate the hard work.


nice one :) liked the song his arms were odd thoguh : /.

Superior-Babboon responds:

Yeah, i guess thats just my style of drawing :)

absolutly amazing

dude, that was hilarious!!!
this was my first trippy video i watched today!!!
the music was awesome!!
you get two crack pipes up!!

Superior-Babboon responds:

Kool thnx...um....crack pipes???