Reviews for "Wurm of a Kind"


the guy seemed to get bulkier as the day went by, i don't know if you ment to, but he was a lot bigger at the end of the day

Superior-Babboon responds:

hahaha. if u noticed when he was transformed by the wurm he gets stronger. So yes it was purposely done.


I really don´t know if i liked it.

I think yes.................


nop, still don´t know

Superior-Babboon responds:

How about i decide for you.....YES! YOU LOVED IT!

that was realy good!!!

i liked it all it was good graphics with the shadows & everything else aswell was gr8 i loved it u got my 5 on ere dude!!!

Superior-Babboon responds:

thnx mate, im glad ppl can apreciate the hard work.


This whole thing is just plain awesome, it has a really nice light touch to it. A kind of humour that doesn't overlook the small details whilst keeping up with the main content.
And it has to have one of the best endings I've seen around here.
The only thing that bothered me was the re-use of a few Images (like that building with all the windows that were exactly the same), but that's kind of trivial anyway.
(Keep it up, you've really got something here. Mmm, I'll be waiting for your next flash)

Superior-Babboon responds:

ive tried really hard on this one and im pretty happy with it also.thnx for your helpfull review, ill keep some of what u said in mind for next time.

Not bad!

Not bad, not bad at all. It was a bit slow at times, like when the "camera" was scrolling though the street, but other than that. Good job.