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Reviews for "EmptyStreetsFt. Finess3,BigRed"

Nice guys

Sounds like you guys are getting some serious collabs going. Love the track guys, love the flows. Stay up yo.

Murdaa responds:

yeah mann! you know how it is... we gotta collab to ma n***ahh.. lemme know when u good for it ;O


I feel like I've been waiting forever to hear this. Worth the wait. Sounds great. The craftsmanship is top notch - you guys have turned this into a great song.

Murdaa responds:

;D I would of gott it on quicker.. but life problems came around a really unlucky time. glad to know u liked it bro ;D


Great track, glad I got in on it. This goooes on ruhpeeeeeet!

Murdaa responds:

yeahh mann! was great havin yu on it broskii


Some phenomenal soul hip-hop. Real substance. No snake shit pumped out by corporate shills like fiddy...

Reminds me of Illogic. Keep up the win.


You already know

One of my favorite songs from off the tape.
Joint is blazing hot like the surface of the sun

Murdaa responds:

and your girls diseased infested pussy! lmao!