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Reviews for "Birds of a Feather"


Wow, that was great! It's nice to see that there's not always mindless stuff on this site. Maybe expand on it in another episode or something with more of a story, although I don't know how much you could do with a fairy boy and a rabbit bird. It's cute though, and I hope to see more of your animating talent in other movies.


It's an awesome flash. Cute, fun, original, the art is awesome, the animation is smooth--it's perfect. <3

simply AMAZING...

OMG!, this flash was INCREDIBLE!! really nice drawings, scenarys. GREAT.
I really enjoyed it!

One of the best movies on NG

How anyone can doubt the artistic validity of this movie I do now know. You definitely rank alongside Adam Phillips and Hayk Manukyan as the best artists on NG; please continue to make movies and improve your style.

Overall score: amazing

p.s. I hope you like the AICOC better than my bro likes AI Minneapolis


Wow Fantastic. This is truly a great piece of work. I love your style and commitment to making this as good as it is. My only complaint is that you started telling a really nice story but ended it too soon. I would love to see this continued.