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Reviews for "Birds of a Feather"

I wish I were like you.

The only thing that kept me from swarming you with a 10 score is just that a few parts with the character drawings, I really missed not seeing shadows. It just felt slightly incomplete in that aspect. But everything else about how you've done this cartoon I am extremely envious of. All of it, pulled off wonderfully!


I am now a fan of your work. Pandora's Book was very different to this one. I recognised your style immediately and loved everything about your movie. Animation was beautiful and smooth, although I did have to reduce my quality for it to be so. Graphic intensive I guess, but detail is good! Even simple things like the hair were well done. You captured facial expressions most perfectly- in fact, I don't recall the last time I've seen any sort of expression so defined on flash. Music was minimalistic- nice touch- and felicitous. Witty, cute, hugely adorable, this movie is perfect as it is. I'd be amazed if someone could find a way for you to improve your animations! There is, however, one problem I had with this movie. I felt as if the distinct English voices blurred the atmosphere a little- until I realised they were words, it was perfect. What curious people!

All round, I loved it tenderly. You certainly have a way with every day, yet heartwarming stories.


holy shit

I never knew you did flash movies Etoli, and not to mention really top-notch quality animation!
The whole thing was perfect.
Really smooth frame-by-frame animation that also didn't lag on high quality, nice frame-rate, the perfect sounds also.
Storyline was executed great also

Nice storytelling

That was utterly adorable. I like the lesson in irony. The animation is pretty decent for flash, if a bit choppy - I'm not really sure what to suggest, besides more frames per second. Not an animation student myself, just a fan. I look forward to seeing more from you in the future!

sooooooo cuuuuute ^_^ :3

I'm totally in love with your flash!!!
Can you give me some of your talent? XD

keep up the good work !!