Reviews for "Chip Shop Adventures"


On The Positive Side
It has good humor
A File Cabnet?

On The Negative Side

I liked this

I thougt it was very good. Well done aswell. I've never heard of the comic strip though, I'll go look it up now =)

Yeah Yea Yi!

Great stuff. Nice orignial style. Cocain was cool too when he did that line off the table. I just dont understand why he had to ijaculate on that young girls dresser?


Cool that rocked =D kind of reminds me of clerks with jay and silent bob i would love to tell you how to make it better to sound really smart but i can't so hey, keep it up =) and if you dont agree you fail.

Love it.

The animation was flawless, I would love to comment on how to make this animation better- but it's already perfect!