Reviews for "Chip Shop Adventures"


I like your stlye of drawing. Its nice to see an original style. The voices were ok, nothing great though. The humor was lacking too much, it was funny in parts but it kinda dragged


I found the hand-drawn style to be quite interesting, and it works well for this sort of flash. The voice-acting was a tad stale, but it did the job, I suppose. I'd like to point out, however, a common problem with comic-turned-flash submissions. Comics usually start out slow, and pretty much stay that way until the end, where the actual punch-line is. Unlike comics, however, flash submissions are usually a little more humorous, and they tend to stick to humor all the way through. Therefore, this flash felt a little stale, and the ending didn't make up for it, despite its humor. The submission was wonderfully animated, however, so I suggest you work on more flashes. As far as the comic-style-flash goes...Well... That needs a bit of work.


Rly nice done, reminds me of sumin i saw on tv once, loved it <3


Hahahahahaha ^^ Freaking funny! Make More, Make MORE!!!: D

Wow... That was great.

I like your style, it's got that right combination of good, but not too good quality. The humor was also a great balance of random vs. witty. In the end, there wasn't really anything wrong with the movie. The length suited the context, the animation was fairly flawless, the style was beautiful, and that's exactly what I would do with a five dollar filing cabinet.