Reviews for "Chip Shop Adventures"

hell yeah, we needed some raw humor like that

hahahahahahahahahahahahahlololololololololololololololol omfg omfg omfg!!!!!!?????????!!!!!!!!!

ok maybe it wasnt THAT funny but good as hell. Fuck yeah it was good. oh well nice job that was really good job. Hahahacrysniff(wipeawayatear)

Style, style. style

Style speaks to different people in different ways.

The style of this cartoon tells me "fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes- oh, and always say things three times so they get the point."

I hope that there will be more of this...

Hellz Yea!

I have to say this is one of the most original styles I've seen on newgrounds. I love the sunday-paper comic style and the punchline was great. I definatly would like to see more of these.

This got daily 5th place?

It shoulda got daily FIRST place! freakin funny!


That was really funny; you have a great drawing and animation style and despite what that one review said, I really liked the voicing, too.

Good job, keep it up!