Reviews for "Chip Shop Adventures"

Hehe But No Bads And Goods

Employee Of The Month Is Better Then This


not really mean anything......................
.its like joke type anmation but not really funny...but i guess its ok..i expact more Violence though.

Another good flick

Not as good as Employee of the Month, but that will be a hard one to beat. The style of the film as a whole was excellent as usual, the visuals and audio complementing the theme well.

Keep it up, I always enjoy your films.

very funny!

Man, that was so funny first you got my chuckling with the little jokes, like thoweing the chip and cutting the yo-yo and then that brilliant punchline! fantastic i almost fell on the floor from laughing so hard. very nice work!

please make more
cant really think of anything bad to say, just keep up the good work

Not bad at all

T'was pretty good - animation quality was high, it captures the style and mood of the comic perfectly.

I'm a bit puzzled why neither the chip shop guy nor the jackass were British, though... and why the filing cabinet cost dollars...

It also seemed an awfully long build up for a not especially good punchline.

Do some more of these - maybe instead of one long one, do a bunch of little ones, like the comic is?