Reviews for "Broken Saints Trailer"

My god...

This... this is beautiful. Never seen anything like it. I'm gonna go off and watch the rest now. I have to admit, I'm hooked.

the best on newgrounds yet!

I don't beleive what I just saw...chalk u another review singing your praises then. I can't beleive how TIGHT the animation was! It was animation - i really did feel like I was watching TV. I see a heavy influence of Maboroshi Studios - not in art style by in editing style - see serial experiments lain's music video sleep now for reference. On to the movies.

Holy Shit

My gosh. This is the best thing I've seen on Newgrounds. It's a feaking anime on flash! This is absolutely amazing. I'm going to start being redundant soon, so I'm stopping, but this is damn good.


These kind of movies/clips show how good a person is. You sir(creator) are amazing at drawing, flash, and showing illustrations in the right place. Very well done.

The most talented work on Newgrounds thusfar.

I have not come across any submissions that are even close to this level of skill. The author of Broken Saints should be considered a master of Flash animation, hands down. It would not surprise me if I were to see this author's work in an epic comic book series. Perfection!