Reviews for "Broken Saints Trailer"


Best damn flash ANYTHING i've ever seen. This story rates up there with the greatest epics ever written..do yourself a favor visit the main sit...watch the films...you'll have to devote about 16+ hours of your life to it...then buy the DVD's yes their different AND better. these guys are for real man. this IS GOOD STUFF


Goodbye Brokensaints!
Goodbye Newgrounds!
Goodbye Internet!
Goodbye Computer!
Goodbye AntiThinker!
Goodbye World!

A good Introduction

This looks very promising, and I can't wait to see the rest of the series!

Whetted my apetite

From the start (reviewed whilst watching a 2nd time)...

Lovely artwork of the female, some nice textures, nice sound effects...
voice acting great although a bit of noice,

Some nice variations in transitions

although the shape-tween towards the end is horrible and ruins the otherwise professional look.

Overall, it's a great teaser and reveals a nice amount about the nature of the plot and the medium used, without going into too many details.

Limited sound effects and ambient noise was masterful.

There was some amazing artwork and though the animation was limited and at times looked too much like 2d images skewed rather than fully formed objects, I have little to complain about.

2 of the 3 complaints I could make (slight noise and low quality settings) are preferable to having the size be stupid.

I really didn't like the shape-tween.

But overall, it's a great job. Looking forward to watching it now. :-)

Not Bad...

What animation there was, was good. Very smooth, it kept my interest, anyway. -Good job.