Reviews for "Broken Saints Trailer"


IM sure this wasnt intentional but... wow this was corny from start to finish. GAY! wow... but it was funny because of that. The only reason i rated this so high was because of the frickin ring at the end. Total spoof of "the ring". Anyone else notice that? Lol Funny...


This is a good work. I am going to star see the serie y look like it rock.

looks good

Looks like the series is gona be very interesting

good trailer

good trailer i wanted to see this before seeing the entire series.. really pequed my interest...though...

Hmm... looks promising...

I want to take a look at this series sometime, I really do! I just don't know where I'm going to find that kind of time... I'm putting you on my favorite author list though, in the hopes I'll remember this series some boring weekend and get into it, because it really does look interesting and intelligent.