Reviews for "Broken Saints Trailer"

After all these series...

...trailer looks so different from them.There's no violense...

I really liked it!Art was amazing!
This is something special,not just an ordinary flash!

Looks very nice, but though

Well, very nice graphics, but

personaly i think its too slow, not keeping my intrest long enough to actally keep looking at it, somehow bit to slow or to straight lined, there probably is a very good story behind it, but i just dont feel like watching it cuz of the well, bordom

Though very good drawings i must admit, the level of graphics is pretty high i must say :)

ULTRA crap

personally i think the whole series is the most boaring thing ever i hate the series and almost fall asleep everytime i attempt to watch it you have good drawings but you need some damn animation not just pictures and shapes moveing around i give this a 1/5 because of how incredibly boaring it is and i am also going to vote 1 on all youre other submissions because of how mutch i HATE this series its boaring and stupid dont post crap stories like this if youre not going to have any good animation make a book instead and have that in a library ond in book stores oull make some good money that way


all i have to say is this:

call tim burton.

That was really creepy...

It reminded me of The Ring. But, really fantastic stuff. Can't wait to go watch the entire series!