Reviews for "Broken Saints Trailer"

Nice, but unnecessary

While it was good to see what happened to everyone (including the rest of the world), it takes away some of the aesthetic of leaving the ending open. I personally was more moved having thought that all the saints had died. Can't complain too much about a happy ending, though.

A good sample.

I`ve got to say that the graphics are remarkable. I think they`re probably the best on newgrounds. The story`s a little bit creepy but I guess that spook about it foreshadows a well-thought story? It`s my first time watching this series, and already, I`m lovin it.


I've just started to watch Broken Saints for the second time. This time I'm going to write reviews for EVERY chapter starting with this trailer. This is a perfect teaser for the main event itself. Perfect in every way and just a little bit creepy.(Ring status XD) I have to say that Brooke and the others did a better than anyone could have hoped for this series.

Not great

The graphics weren't too bad, or should I say drawings? Didn't actually say anything about the series really. I still have no idea what it was all about. The sounds were quite rubbish really, just lightning, a couple of voices, and a lot of weird squealing.


well,,,, I didnt think it was "Fantastic" but its well done,,,, good Graphics,,, but it was Kind of slow,,,, not that much movments,,,,, but for a Novel,,, it was ok,,