Reviews for "Broken Saints Trailer"

that took alot of hard work i guess

But i would watch it only if the character were'nt frozen, it's like a series but a comic style one.. i would love to see i with movement, watching it and doing that while you need to read all the plot is pretty anoing.


Thats the most impressive trailor I've ever seen


Even thou it was just a trailor, I thought it was one of the best things I have ever seen put together better then most animes even on tv, looks like it's going to have a really hardcore story probly the best that I have ever seen since I played Final Fantsay 7 from years past, looks like you could probly be one of the next best biggest animators out there, maybe you should try getting this series on tv? so you could show the world your wonderful story telling and plot, well I guess that wraps up this review, keep going strong into the world of animation. also this really rox =P

I just had to rate

Dude, I just watched this before beginning the series and I have to say... WHOA! Intense. I hope the series is as... I can't find the word for it, so lets just say, I hope the series is just as awesome and worth my time.

BTW, I gave you a 5.

I remember when this was first submitted.

I fifened it.