Reviews for "Broken Saints Trailer"

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Sweet! This series looks very promising! I can't wait to see the episodes!

The series looks good!

I'm going to start out the series here and then continue on! Looks good so far!!


My long epic journey to watch all broken saints starts here
Excleent start I loved the way it doesn't tell you whats goin on, just pictures to make you wonder, gr8 trailer. I saw broken saints make its way up the chart and hold it so i thought it has to be good


Okay, this series has been up for how long? I am now going to sit down at my computer and watch every single one! Awesome job!

Does what a trailer should.

I'm marking this one fairly strictly. Now, manga-style artwork doesn't do anything for me, but that's a personal preference and in fact the quality of the art is pretty good.
The voiceover doesn't work for me; the rest of the sound is inoffensive and atmospheric, but the voice is reminiscent of some kind of beat-'em-up game. Animations and transitions are competently done and, for the most part, don't interrupt the flow.
Reasonable suspense and piquing of interest means this submission does what a trailer should: attracts people who are interested in this kind of thing, and gives people like me ample warning not to bother downloading the large episode files. Good practice and a decent submission in itself means I've marked it highly even though it isn't to my taste.