Reviews for "Broken Saints Trailer"


Almost anime quality. The artistry is an excellent mix of japanese and american style comics. The vocal part has a movie announcer quality to it. There is also a liquid quality to the animation sequences that is quite nicely done. All in all an excellent flash.

I'm pumped.

Can't wait till I've watched all these and bought the DvDs.


I just watched this cuz I was curious. Now I feel compelled to watch the others...

holy shiza is this good stuff right in this hizzle

wow Im a new member here and this is the first thing I have seen at Newgrounds and I must say...takes a breather...wow!!! I hope this kind of quality is continued throughout this site. Keep up the awesome work guys!

Make a DVD!

dude, you have so much of this stuff, you should try and make money with it!
now im gonna watch the others