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Reviews for "Kid Icarus - Monster Box"

I luuuuuuve this game

This was a pretty damn sweet movie. Done frame-by-frame, eh? haha i know that's heavy work, believe me. I like your style of animation, but there is, however one thing i'd like to see in your future film - More arrow shootin'. he should be able to shoot some more, and much more rapidly. The battle with the blue dragon was pretty sweet, perhaps a little short. I'll be looking forward to your future work and I hope we get to see some more arrows by then! GW. (By the way...I too work with flash and i've done a couple of short movies, Frame-by-frame. If you get around too look at this review, drop me a line and tell me how long it took you to do this animation!)

MKjack responds:

as u have maybe seen, before almost 3 weeks, i submitted KI part I. but i didn't work all the days, because i wasnt motivated enough in each day, so if i would do this animation in a row, it would take... 3-4 days.

bow shooting, well lets see ^^

sweeet men

that is greet men sweeeet

I really liked it

it only needs a little more claraty but I love it

The Flash..

Well this was a good flash, Not one of the best i have seen previously but i still believe that it is good and well made.

The style of the drawing, etc. Were brilliant i just really love that type of style, the over drawn lines,etc. really make it look as though it is sketched.

There was no actually storyline but it was un needed as this is some sort of a 'masacre flash' eg, Madness.

The monsters/beasts that You drew were good, and the different styles in their deaths were actually good ideas and i think that they were animated well.

The main character was brilliant the archer style was good and it sort of reminded me of link (zelda). The wings were perfect and i definatly liked the way they shrunk when the battle began.

Good luck with Your future flash's and i hope i can see more work like this in a hopefully close time to come.

~ Suffering

Not that good

It was an OK animation but it had no plot and not very good action the animator needs more experience ( this was made one year ago so do not consider this commen an insult MKjack).