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Reviews for "Kid Icarus - Monster Box"

nice one

that was a pretty cool animation. i haven't seen anything based on Kid Icarus in a real long time, so that made this one fairly original and it was quite entertaining as well. i also notice that you have a kid icarus series in the makings with a Part I animation.... i'm going to have to check that out.
anyways, good job on this one.

MKjack responds:

i thank every single one, who appreciates my animation...
i put a huge weight on animation, and i think it requires a lot of time and patience to do an frame-by-frame animation. i believe that frame-by-frame is sth special, and thats why i dont like to use sprites, or "tweened" motion of bodyparts.

i wish i could read more reviews like yours, and i hope some will recognize the weight of animation in my, and even other flashes, because i respect every frame-by-frame animator (e.g. demon slayers diary)

its alright but...

can i see like a face for icarus?i mean i like to jus draw long hair and cover the dude's eyes but it's just not that good.

graphics:i automatically give 5s if it's non sprite!
style:don't know why we even have this box but whatever.
sound:good music and SFX
violence:why is there a rating for violence?
interactivity:play button.they should get rid of this too.
humor:meh.had to give it something besides 0.
overall:7.i always vote 5 or 0 cause the overall scores not gonna go down unless u vote eigher 5 or 0!:D

oldavid is kinda queer cause if u didn't find anything better than this than omg...go to the flash portal and watch some of the top 50.stead of those stupid random flashes outa nowhere.
sorry.just had 2 say that.

that's all,
kRaZy AsIaN.

i just noticed

crap, this is about that game way back when right , by the way uv probibly herd this alot but his name is pit, if your going to do somthing make shour its right dude. this one was kinda boring though you could have done somthing with it , running through a forest or somthing. just so u know i think im being real nice cuase its an old game i liked.


funny! awesome!

I dont know what the crap is wrong with you people! stop blaming him for screwing up pits name Kid Icarus is the name of the game! anyway AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT NOTICED THAT THE PRINCE OFF OF PRINCE OF PERSIA IS IN THIS! honestly!

sweeet men

that is greet men sweeeet