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Reviews for "Kid Icarus - Monster Box"

A nice "holder over"

So when's your Part II coming out?

MKjack responds:

Don't know, maybe in several weeks, i just finished this one ^^
but I dont know if some of you noticed it, when the thunder strikes the 4 little reapers, there is a text: "made by Zeus"

how many of you noticed this?^^



Very good

Very good. Well animated, well drawn and very entertaining.

I am offended.

hoow kin you mayke a film about a fiyting angel? Angels are not suppoosed to fight, they are suppoosed to be peaceful. You will go to hell for m8king angels fiyt like this!!!111!!1


Kidding. Just trying to think of how people could be offended by this and make those people look like dumbasses. And now for MY opinion of this flash, even though it probably won't matter to much, but I thought this flash was great. You made an old 16-bit game look kickass, although I've only played Kid Icarus once, it was a tad frustrating. And if you weren't trying to copy the game and it's by pure coincidence then I apologize, but I still thought this flash was awesome. I give it an 8 :)


another "kill the evil dragon" movie :(....its just so sad that dragons are so often seen as a big evil creature that has to be defeated....

anyway, nice movie. a suxsesfull experiment id guess or am i just being stupid?