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Reviews for "Kid Icarus - Monster Box"


cool animation, you got talent, loved the music. It really fitted in with the fight. love to see more....MORE! (lol)

Solid 4 bro,....

better graphics and you on your way to a 5(10)

Not bad, very impressive

I think you did an excellent job of making this wonderous flash ya know. I could see why it made it to the front page, My You know alot more FBF than me I suppose XD lol. But, The effects seem very radical and swell so far. The violence is indeed very good and the rest is very Unique I think you did a very swell job!!! ~DeathwishGlock

Kid Icarus FTW!!! :D

7 on graphics cuz it was good but not that good. The music was pretty good and it matched the flash. Style gets a 10, cuz i cant think of any other reason why this space is here and Kid Icarus is the 1337est game ever conceived for the NES ;D

Pretty Good

First, it was a good flash movie (w/e). Second, I loved the game on NES and you jsut put it into more realism. Third, i always love a dragon battle at the end something so it was pretty good. I gave the humor a 2 becasue of the random domokun! lol. But, it was prety good. keep it up. I also like your other series with Pit!