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Reviews for "Kid Icarus - Monster Box"


Monster: -_-;
Kid Icarus: XD

That was perfect, IMO.
Anyway, that was a nice and simple flash.

Short But Sweet

Good flash movie...short but sweet! tired of those long flashes with looong battles that neva end!


Good but....

His name isnt icarus its Pit. Im probably the 1000000000 person to say so but still if ur gonna do something at least use his name.


It was pretty good. I was going to vote this 4/5 but towards the end I started not to like it as much. It was a little pointless I mean I know it was for practice and all but Icarus just stood there and shot monsters he wasn't going through a castle to fight a big boss something of that nature. It seemed a little short also. So in conclusion it was just short of a 4/5 so I had no choice but to vote 3. If I were to go into decimals you would get about a 3.8.

MKjack responds:

Dude, as I have written in the Intro, this has nothing to DO with the story.
Besides monster box, there is a Story running, why should I include a story here?

And also, the final foe of Kid Icarus in THIS flash, was a boss of the story.

And I think that 60 seconds of frame-by-frame is enough, and there are also guys who like short-action movies, as I have read.

But thx for the review.


I liked the music and the amination