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Reviews for "Kid Icarus - Monster Box"


What was the point? He didn't even fly!

MKjack responds:

if you would have seen kid icarus part I, or have played kid icarus, you would notice that this kid CANNOT fly.

yeah right..

OMFG i cant believe i even watched this! wow... its a pixie prancing around the screen...and his has little bow and arrow....pfft...BORING but my friend thought it was interesting so from him: GOOD WORK but this is my review so i think it was pretty bad but if you liked it...thats all that matters - good try -


I don't know why people say this animation is good
But I say it stinks wat do you use to draw your flash
I don't really think this belongs on the front page, for your next flash trying
1.making the animation a lot cleaner and add more details (faces are inportant)
2. Giving a better plot or maybe make a plot
3. Use something better to draw your flash
So keep this in mind next time you make a flash