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Reviews for "Kid Icarus - Monster Box"




Monster: -_-;
Kid Icarus: XD

That was perfect, IMO.
Anyway, that was a nice and simple flash.

nice one

that was a pretty cool animation. i haven't seen anything based on Kid Icarus in a real long time, so that made this one fairly original and it was quite entertaining as well. i also notice that you have a kid icarus series in the makings with a Part I animation.... i'm going to have to check that out.
anyways, good job on this one.

MKjack responds:

i thank every single one, who appreciates my animation...
i put a huge weight on animation, and i think it requires a lot of time and patience to do an frame-by-frame animation. i believe that frame-by-frame is sth special, and thats why i dont like to use sprites, or "tweened" motion of bodyparts.

i wish i could read more reviews like yours, and i hope some will recognize the weight of animation in my, and even other flashes, because i respect every frame-by-frame animator (e.g. demon slayers diary)

A nice "holder over"

So when's your Part II coming out?

MKjack responds:

Don't know, maybe in several weeks, i just finished this one ^^
but I dont know if some of you noticed it, when the thunder strikes the 4 little reapers, there is a text: "made by Zeus"

how many of you noticed this?^^

Another great flash!

Can't really think of any way to actually improve this... Well, good luck on the next flash!