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Reviews for "Kid Icarus - Monster Box"

Pretty Good

First, it was a good flash movie (w/e). Second, I loved the game on NES and you jsut put it into more realism. Third, i always love a dragon battle at the end something so it was pretty good. I gave the humor a 2 becasue of the random domokun! lol. But, it was prety good. keep it up. I also like your other series with Pit!

i just noticed

crap, this is about that game way back when right , by the way uv probibly herd this alot but his name is pit, if your going to do somthing make shour its right dude. this one was kinda boring though you could have done somthing with it , running through a forest or somthing. just so u know i think im being real nice cuase its an old game i liked.

Kid Icarus FTW!!! :D

7 on graphics cuz it was good but not that good. The music was pretty good and it matched the flash. Style gets a 10, cuz i cant think of any other reason why this space is here and Kid Icarus is the 1337est game ever conceived for the NES ;D

Nice toon, dude.

Didn't realize my song could go into any sort of animation but it actually fit pretty well..Lol..anyway, some nice animation you had goin on there! Nice work! Peace. -Andy

Very sweet my friend

you did a very nice job there espeshilly with the dragon plus i loved the arrows thats what made it so good to me well the dragon aswell but i just loved it end of! by the way you hav a good choice in anamation style XD