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Reviews for "Kid Icarus - Monster Box"

ok i htink i know

ok its definantly the domo and is that the guy from KI:uprising?

One special guest is Domo-kun...

is the other special guest the guy who killed Domo-kun? Who was that guy?

who's the special guest?

domo-kun,that guy who killed him,the eggplant wizard,or those two flying people?

Nice. ^^

Could have been better, but nice. ^^ I like how it completely seperates from the crappy flash, where it's smooth, but then the lines are always unrealistic and get out of place everytime a thing moves... BLEH. This is nice, but again, could have been better. ^^

A bit short.

Well, it was nicely done, but a bit short.

And in response to robro's comment, that was not a dragon. That was a snake.

MKjack responds:

no it was a dragon.
it is the boss of the second castle ^^