Reviews for "Pumpkin Jack"


LLOOOOLL especially loved the pensil, oh and about those short movies you mae dont pay attention to poeple saying you should only make long films, i like short one-linerlike things that load quick for a good laugh

EhFilms responds:

Thanks, I like quick movies myself (at least making them). I get too restless sometimes with the longer ones, and that's why most of my flicks aren't long.

he he he he

Fun Fun Very fun.i love haloween and carving da pumperkin is da best

you sure like halloween eh?

I personnally don't care for it. 'cept this year; its on a friday!!! Alcohol and bite sized candies go well together don't you think?

As for the game. Pretty good. Couldv'e done with more eyes though.

A pumpkin dress up game

Not too bad. Only be about a few minutes worth of entertaiment, so i wouldn't expect to be entertained for too long.

Not Bad..... Not Bad at All

I liked it. But next time add some music.