Reviews for "Pumpkin Jack"

that was fun.

i had fun making my own custome pumpkin. the blood and the knifr and the brain and stuff were also fun 2 use. its a good game.


Halloween stuff is the shit. This was a pretty good pumpkin simulator, more care should have been taken to create atmosphere by use of sound.

Yet another dressup, but still something new.

Well NG is pretty overwhelmed with dressups, but this was something new. Gets boring pretty fast though. Liked your graphics and like how there where so much stuff like, pencils, spiderwebs and "Cracks". Maybe It would be nice with some music though.


Well done game! Realy liked it!

Fucking crapmakers are posting shit all the time, this is the first good submision today!


One of the most inventive dress-up style games I've seen. And seasonal, too! ;) You got my 5.