Reviews for "TTA Episode 042"

Not bad.

Word of advice. I noticed the drawings you made for when the characters spoke. If you were to animate the entire character (instead of sprites) the effect would be a lot better. You can draw the characters fine. If you feel that you can do more than just that, then i suggest a fully animted series. Give it a try :)

Overall, this one's not bad. Some cliche parts, but seems alright. Keep up the good work.


I'm sorry that i didn't watch the rest of the series, i was randomly watching under judgement moves... and i have to say that this is an awesome movie! You used the Megaman: Battle Network background, but you didn't stick to the squares. It doesn't matter LOL this thing ROCKS ill be sure to watch the rest!

theres hope

i think this would be a great seris if u 1. get rid of the arrow thing after everything they say 2. that music needs to change i liked it but it got annoying 3. make it a little more violent plz