Reviews for "TTA Episode 042"

Moogles, Mushrooms, and Kid Cuisine

"When live gives you lemons, make lemonade. If life gives you challenges, STICK A SIX-FOOT SWORD IN IT!!"

"Boo!!" [Throws rock]

Nice episode.

"Welcome to the Home for Infinte Losers. Our parents are ashamed of us" Lol. The X-Cell battles were a little boring but oh well.


Very funny and very intense episode keep working at this show man it is going places.

This is awsome...

And to the guy under me the interactive parts are easy and if you can do them them your a loser that has no talents.And there has been like what 2 movies of this series with interactive parts...In other words...There simple.

Saved it!

Finaly I get to save one of your movies! But I DO have one suggestion. Give us the option to skip any of the more interactive part of a move (like before the battle with Blitz). Just a suggestion though.