Reviews for "TTA Episode 042"

LOL! KKK dropout

cool. The X-cell fighting is actually a LOT cooler than I thought it would be. And, of course, there's still that Anime-style comic flare you put in there. DISCRIMINATION!!!


one thing i can say for sure is i really like the lack of any shown life bars, the past two tournament segments were very entertaining to watch since one didn't really know who was going to win, what with alpha losing in the Z games there came a possibility of it being any ones game.


Rob* is my favorite minor charachter(spelling?)! I get that SniperWave lost last time so it was Rob*'s turn to lose, but Rob* is AWESOMENESS*! Still, AWESOME job!

*And British. But their the same, right?


lol kirb served his girl her ass on a silver diamond increasted plate lol
nice battle effects while he was fighting too! :)


I wanted the moogle to win! Stupid kid cuisine! Hope you die!

In other news, Sniperwave can't make up his mind what color he is. Hope Mr. KKK didn't hurt his opponent in real life with that last attack. Bastard.