Reviews for "Electronica 3"


that was so great make more!

Hey this I pretty good

I love games where you choos your ways. Thats cool. Very creative with the effects like the rotation at the round table. Well keep up the good work!

Kev-Dawg responds:

Thanks, that table scene actually took me quite a while at the time. I'm glad it paid off.

this is really good!

Although I really do not like the graphics (especially not the anime style, you should come up with something more original. try drawing using the brush instead of the pen, and you'll end up with graphics that look loads o' times more original), not even after the change (actually I preferred the "uglier" version, because they were more ... er... honest about being ugly and didn't really try to be anything else, while the "better" graphics tried to look good but just failed... as I said, I think you should come up with a style of your own, if you had I'd given you a ten, even if they were ugly), I felt strangely attracted to this game and I've musta finished it like 4 times now. OK, there are things I dislike - I'm not too sure about the storyline, and even if the names of the characters just are nicknames they are really silly - but all in all, this is such a solid and coherent game I've almost fallen in love with it. It's not really top-notch - but it's so much better than most other games you see here at Newgrounds. A little more constructive criticism; the game is too linear - choosing what to do is a great idea - but when choosing the wrong option immiediately kills you off... Work a bit longer on episode 4 and make it ... longer! If you're afraid the portal will forget you and your previous episodes, put all of them in one file and call it something like "Ultimate Electronica".

Furthermore; if you want help with programming I'd be glad to help - I can make movie clips move around on the x and y axis, I mean, like in a traditional SNES or NES RPG. Do not hesitate to send a mail if you need it!

Good luck with your future games!


Wow, this series is kick ass, I can't wait for part 4. If you create it that is. Pretty good rpg-like story line, combat sequences, and graphics. Granted the motion could have been better, but it still rocked!!! Keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to the next episode. :)

cool idea!!!

get better and make a better electronica 4!!!!
it was a cool game!