Reviews for "Electronica 3"


I dug it. The story line could use soem work so dont take your self to seriously but the actual game was truly kick ass.

Pretty decent, could be better.

You're certainly getting the hang of this Flash lark...

There are a couple of bugs (the number of medikits doesn't reset to 0 before the game, so you can rewind and keep medikits) and when fighting, you lose the charges you used if you restart.

The main thing about the story is that I'm constantly expecting this whole thig to tie in with the real world if you see what I mean.

I actually thought that the graphics at the start had more style than the end.

The start of the end looked really nice and cell-rendered, but then it just went on to look like a more realistic version of the starting graphics.

I dunno... I'm still interested in this series. Don't rush the next installment tho' - wait until you have some good ideas.

well,after all that i still give a ten

good style,nice rpg with some unique style made,i had fun with this & ))

Pretty good

I generally don't like turn-based RPG battle systems, and especially not in Flash games. However, I found this game to have very engaging and well thought out gameplay. You did a very nice job of programming each fight such that it was not impossible, but there was an increasing level of difficulty. Also, it is good that the fights rely on a balance of both skill and luck. With a little bit more effort in the drawings and better presentation (maybe something similar to what you had at the end playing throughout the movie)this series can go very far. However, the haphazard explanations that you included in the FAQ were not very helpful and did not really help to further the story. Maybe you should actually explain that backstory stuff in one of the prequels you said you planned on doing. Overall, nice work - keep it up.


This is really really good. I am extremely impressed with this. I really like the way you have the controls set up also, it adds to the game. Great fights and nice RPG action. Great job