Reviews for "Electronica 3"

the worst

number 2 was best number 3 was the worst! crappy battle scenes

kick ass!

This is way better then part 1 and 2, And one of the best games on NG! Storyline for this one was very good, and I loved all the fights. nice job with the graphics and animation on the final battle. Nice work!

Hey man....

Much better than one and two! I am not much of an rpg fan but this was sort of "action filled" rpg.. did that make sense? lol well anyways c ya nice work!

kiiiiiiiiiiiccccccccckkkk asssss

awsum i couldnt beat the guy at the end but who gives a shit??!??!?!

Its fuckin awsome!!!!!

It was a total kick ass game! I thought it was awsome how you got to fight with the different people and use all the different weapons....very creative!!!!!!! I love it!!!