Reviews for "Electronica 3"


It's a good game with a nice plot but I keep encountering a glitch... in the mansion, when you are fighting the three gang members with baskey and sharpshooter, after you kill the first two... when you select who to fight for the third round against mage, no matter what you select it switches to a still image of sharpshooter in an injured position and there is no way to advance in the game.


This is an awesome game, very entertaining.


That was better than the first two - though it lacks much animation, the whole gaining weapons and rpg elements really added to the gameplay - bit violent and there wasn't much music, but it was a good game.


look at this:MORTAL enemy KOMBAT machine!
get MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!!!!!

Kev-Dawg responds:

Yep, a lot of people seem to make that connection (and I don't blame 'em). Every time I talk about the game to my friends, someone always manages to say something like "So, what's Mortal Kombat gonna do next?"


That was really cool. I loved this one even more than 1 and 2. You should ask Wade to make this a series page! :)