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Reviews for "Commando"


When I started I was impressed because few people can pull off the FPS concept in flash. Then I started playing and my opinion improved. When I was done I noticed it was only 75K I nearly pissed myself. I thought the Wink 99K movie was impressive, but you really give it a run for it's money.

As for flaws, it's annoying how you have to move in a direction to shoot that way. It made some parts pretty hard. The other thing is maybe split it up into parts. I was doing really well than I got to the upward bridges part and I fell and died and had to start over.

Still on my top ten games list, though

awesome metal slug copy

really really impressed u pretty much got it exactly like metal slug, what program duid u use to draw ur sprites???


i love this lil game its always fun to play a game like metal slug.

Good game

But to the last guy.. get a life =\

good game

takes to long to get weapons though