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Reviews for "Commando"

it was great but....

game was nice but isnt this like a copy of another game that was here a while ago, it was a metal slug game called special forces or soemthing...


Im a fan of Metal SLug and this submission is just as good good job on this and you should make another like it

for all the retards

1. HIS ACCOUNT NAME IS MINICLIP how the fuck can he steal from miniclip when that is his site idiots?

2. dont complain if the original one is better there are tons of metal slug inspired games

and 3. this game rocks. dont like it i dont want to hear you bitch about it

the shit! need i say more

its kinda like a metal slug! i like how you can knife mo fo's COD4 style lol' but what the hell is that thing above the falling rock sign ???? needs save points insted of starting over ! other than that CRACK!

75 . 2 KB

Wow ........