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Reviews for "Commando"

WOOT nice one

OK pointing the gun was a little harder than with madness interactive or thing-thing, but the looks were great! not my favourite tho, I prefer other types of games

=) Decent..

It wasn't the greatest game but by far the most coolest! Nice scripting and graphics =)

Nice but...

The aiming was failr poor, plus I couldn't aim at an angle.Plus I couldn't fire straight down with the mouse, I had to jump and hold down to do that. And one other thing; this is a Metal Slug tribute but where in the bloody hell is the gore man?

Other than that, pretty solid stuff. But I prefer those killer chopper games you guys make over this.

It was enjoyable.

I enjoyed playing through this. Reminded me of Metal Slugg. Could have used some improvements though. Not being able to shoot diagnol was kind of a pain. And this could be better off with utilizing the arrow keys for movement and the mouse for aiming, as sometimes turning around and shooting was a bit more of a hassle then it should have been. The knife was a nice touch, though hacking four guys and killing them all with a single knife thrust was kind of odd.

Hmmm...Not a bad flash copy of Metal Slug

Flash version of Metal Slug. Graphics and sounds are not so bad, but simple. Gameplay is simple also. What is not convinient is control. When you shoot left or right you should turn to the side where you want to shoot by keyboard, that makes player to lose time. So the estimation is 7/10